Turkish Manti at Lezizel Manti in Munich

#FoodieFriday: lezizel Manti

What on earth are ‘Türkische Teigtaschen’? Well, if you are unacquainted with the finer points of Turkish cuisine, and don’t speak German, then let #FoodieFriday enlighten you with this week’s restaurant in focus: lezizel Manti, nestled away in Munich’s continually up-and-coming Sendling district.


DIY bowls of trendy Turkish ‘Teigtaschen’, otherwise known as ‘Manti’ – hence the name


Turning a traditionally slow-food into something quick and convenient, whilst still retaining the feeling of a dish that mama used to make – this is what the lezizel team pride themselves on.


This hole-in-the-wall joint is so tiny that you may well be forgiven for walking on by, but if you do, FOMO will stop being a fear and become a reality, just: MO. A little nook with only two tables and a stripped-back feel, it’s the perfect place for a solo to pull up a pew on Sunday afternoon (or anytime for that matter).

Woman Gone Wandering photographing food at lezizel Manti


In this laid back locale is where lezizel Manti‘s owners serve up their unique ‘Türkische Teigtaschen’. These can best be described as the Turkish take on ravioli, except they are even better than the classic Italian dish (but please don’t tell any Italians I said that).Why better? Well, because with Turkish ‘Teigtaschen’ – or ‘Manti’ as they are otherwise known – it’s just as much about the toppings as it is the little food parcels themselves. The right combination of fillings, sauces and what’s sprinkled on top can pimp your Manti parcels to the next level. However, before control freak foodies start to panic, it’s important to know that here at lezizel it’s entirely up to budding gourmands to build their own dish, creating their combo of preference by filling out one of cool-looking cards situated at each table (and also available at the door for those lining up to take their Manti away with them).

Turkish Manti at Lezizel Manti in Munich

For Manti virgins overwhelmed by the choice, leizizel is on hand to help get the basics right by advising on their cards (and in person) which sauces go best with meat and which with veggie. After that, you’re on your own, so now’s the time to shine and show off your flavour combining flair. The simple steps to creating your own little bowl of Manti perfection are as follows:

1.Pick a filling (meat or vegan)

2. Pick a sauce (classic or herby tomato)

3. Pick a second sauce (yoghurt with garlic, or without)

4. Pick  topping…or 3 (mango-apple chutney, parmesan, truffle cream… the list goes on)

In terms of size, it may be tempting to go for big bowl, but newbies take heed: it’s best to start small on your first visit and build up your Teigtaschen stamina over time – these little babies pack a filling punch.

With all the filling and topping fun, don’t forget to wash it all down with a cup or two of Turkish tea (which is particularly good here and even more welcome when visiting in winter). And, if you’ve got room after all that, make sure to try a piece of lezizel’s Baklava – it’s to die for.

Baklava and Turkish tea at Lezizel Manti

If you still haven’t had your fill after all that then never fear – the  beauty of lezizel Manti is that they also have fresh pre-prepared packs to take away with you and pop into your fridge at home. Sounds like a refreshing change to the usual post-work convenience cuisine, doesn’t it?


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