Piet Blom Cube Houses

See: Rotterdam

So you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you’ve already had lots to eat and you feel like you’ve done so much. But wait, there’s still more to see in Rotterdam! Here are my Top 3 picks to tick off your list before leaving this vibrant city:


Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam

It’s probably one of the first images which springs to mind when thinking of Rotterdam and for good reason, the Erasmus Bridge is arguably impressive. Despite its awe-inspiring modern design, just after it was built it was discovered that the bridge swayed in strong winds (uh oh!). Luckily that little hiccup was fixed, so you can wander across without worrying. Take time to admire the structure from several angles – underneath, above and, of course, on it. One of the best views of the bridge though is, ironically, from another bridge: Willemsbrug. Make sure to head there for some killer views of the Erasmus Bridge and beyond.



Piet Blom's architecture, Rotterdam

Ever wondered what it would be like to live a little topsy-turvy? Well, in Rotterdam you can try it out by heading over to architect Piet Blom’s cube houses. These iconic homes have been turned by 45 degrees and are the epitome of quirky (and equally the epitome of impractical, with more than a quarter of the space unusable due to the unique design). Blom wanted people to feel as though the houses were trees and that together, they formed a kind of urban forest. Why not go for a stroll amongst them and see what you think? Oh and if you’re the curious type, there’s no need to peep through the cubes’ windows and risk being berated by their residents – one of the cubes is open to the pubic and you can marvel at its interiors for a small entrance fee.


Old Harbour, Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s Old Harbour is a spot that shouldn’t be missed. Much of the area was destroyed during the World War II bombardments, but wandering around today you certainly wouldn’t know it. The area is becoming increasingly trendy thanks to the array of eclectic cafes, bars and restaurants which have opened up here in recent years. With so many places to choose from, the biggest challenge here will be deciding which is the coolest spot. Once you’ve sat down though, all that remains is to sit back and enjoy the picturesque surroundings and buzzing vibe which carries through easily from day into night.


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