#FoodieFriday: PreysingGarten

Munich’s hipster area of Haidhausen shows no sign of slowing down, with what seems like a new, super cool restaurant, cafe or boutique opening every week. However, there are some places that will forever be in the hearts of the Munich people no matter how much the local scene alters, and this week’s #FoodieFriday is one of them: PreysingGarten.


Super salads with a side helping of ‘gemütlichkeit’. Oh, and it’s one of the oldest restaurants in the area, having been around since the late 1800s.


The official Preysing philosophy is to offer a family-friendly dining experience comprising affordable homemade dishes with a dash of Mediterranean flair. What that translates to in practical terms? Well, essentially keeping it local and keeping it classic. Dishes are welcomingly unfussy and created using as many regional ingredients as possible (with the exception of the olive oil, which comes from the restaurant’s own olive trees on the Greek island of Crete!)

PreysingGarten interiors


Stepping through the door of PreysingGarten feels like coming home. It’s the epitome of ‘gemütlichkeit’ in Munich, a German word used to a specific kind of coziness (which PreysingGarten has in droves). When dropping by in the evening, the wooden tables are aglow with flickering candlelight and the atmosphere is a friendly one, with a low hum of quiet conversation permeating all corners of the room.


Pumpkin salad at PreysingGarten

The menu has something to satisfy everyone, with everything from Mediterranean soups, starters, pizzas and pastas, to Bavarian staples such as schnitzel. Like any truly great restaurant though, PreysingGarten has a changing weekly menu too – and to be honest, here, it often steals the show. The weekly offerings are wonderfully seasonal: expect asparagus every which way during spring, strawberry-based dishes in summer, and pumpkin delights in autumn as temperatures in the city start to drop. Although salad is often the last thing on people’s minds when going out for dinner, at PreysingGarten it should be your go-to. You’ve not had a salad until you’ve had it Preysing-style, that is to say: a messy mound of flavours and ingredients which somehow come together in a beautiful, mouthwatering symphony (i.e. basically, they’re really tasty).


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