Cafe Gans am Wasser on Mollsee

#FoodieFriday: Café Gans am Wasser

The latest addition to Westpark may just be the new place to mingle, mix and be. Let this week’s #FoodieFriday fill you in: Continue reading #FoodieFriday: Café Gans am Wasser

Dirndl for Starkbierfest

Top 10: Things You Need To Know About Starkbierfest Before You Go

The 17-day Starkbierfest is the perfect way to brush away the boring cobwebs of winter. Here are the Top 10 things you need to know before you go: Continue reading Top 10: Things You Need To Know About Starkbierfest Before You Go


#FoodieFriday: PreysingGarten

There are some places that will forever be in people’s hearts no matter how much the local scene alters, and this week’s #FoodieFriday is one of them. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: PreysingGarten

Turkish Manti at Lezizel Manti in Munich

#FoodieFriday: lezizel Manti

What on earth are ‘Türkische Teigtaschen’? Let #FoodieFriday enlighten you with this week’s restaurant in focus: lezizel Manti. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: lezizel Manti


Top 10: Tips to Survive Oktoberfest Solo

7 million people, 7 million litres of beer – find out the best ways to enjoy the world’s biggest beer festival solo. Continue reading Top 10: Tips to Survive Oktoberfest Solo

Picnic Restaurant in Munich

#FoodieFriday: PICNIC

This week’s #FoodieFriday is restaurant/bar Picnic, situated slap bang in the buzzing heart of Munich’s trendy Maxvorstadt. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: PICNIC


Top 10: Day Trips From Munich

Munich not only has a lot going for it in the city itself, but it also has the added bonus of being perfectly placed to discover the Alps and beyond. The number of exciting day trips to be had is simply endless Here are my Top 10 day trips from Munich to discover first: Continue reading Top 10: Day Trips From Munich


See: Munich

Stunning architecture, palaces, Olympic parks and pedestrianised areas to stroll along – arguably, Munich has it all. As with Do:Munich, there’s a lot to see – here’s my Top 5 to get your list going: Continue reading See: Munich

View from St Peter's Church in Munich

Do: Munich

Whether visiting in winter or summer, there’s always a wealth of things to do in, and just outside of, Munich. A scenic river running through the city, a mountainous backdrop, and lakes – there’s no question that Munich city residents are somewhat spoilt. Continue reading Do: Munich