Cafe Gans am Wasser on Mollsee

#FoodieFriday: Café Gans am Wasser

The latest addition to Westpark may just be the new place to mingle, mix and be. Let this week’s #FoodieFriday fill you in: Continue reading #FoodieFriday: Café Gans am Wasser

Inside White Rabbit's Room, Munich

#FoodieFriday: White Rabbit’s Room

This #FoodieFriday it’s time to make like Alice and go down the rabbit hole. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: White Rabbit’s Room

Eggs Florentine at Alchemia Od Kuchni

Eat: Krakow

Like most of its Eastern European counterparts, Poland’s cuisine is often assumed to be limited to its traditional, hearty dishes – but to do so would be a mistake. Continue reading Eat: Krakow


#FoodieFriday: PreysingGarten

There are some places that will forever be in people’s hearts no matter how much the local scene alters, and this week’s #FoodieFriday is one of them. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: PreysingGarten

Turkish Manti at Lezizel Manti in Munich

#FoodieFriday: lezizel Manti

What on earth are ‘Türkische Teigtaschen’? Let #FoodieFriday enlighten you with this week’s restaurant in focus: lezizel Manti. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: lezizel Manti

Picnic Restaurant in Munich

#FoodieFriday: PICNIC

This week’s #FoodieFriday is restaurant/bar Picnic, situated slap bang in the buzzing heart of Munich’s trendy Maxvorstadt. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: PICNIC

Fenix Food Factory's cheese and charcuterie board

Eat: Rotterdam

Shh! Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ biggest foodie secret, but it probably won’t be for long… Continue reading Eat: Rotterdam


Fuerteventura: Yoga & Pilates For All At Azul

What if the idea of a yoga holiday appeals, but one without the single supplement and onslaught of preachy-type ‘yogis’ that all look (and bend) like Gwyneth Paltrow? Thankfully I’ve found the answer – it lies on the Canary Isle of Fuerteventura and goes by the name of Azulfit. Continue reading Fuerteventura: Yoga & Pilates For All At Azul

Viktualienmarkt in Munich

Eat: Munich

Don’t be fooled by the onslaught on pretzels, sauerkraut and meat – Munich’s foodie scene goes far beyond its traditional fare. Eat enough Bavarian comfort cuisine to put yourself into a food coma but, also make sure to leave stomach space to explore other eateries. Continue reading Eat: Munich