Henri Hotel sign

Sleep: Hamburg

Homey, happening and yes, you’ve guessed it, just a little bit hipster – Henri Hotel is almost as cool as Hamburg itself. Continue reading Sleep: Hamburg

The view from citizenM onto the Old Harbour

Sleep: Rotterdam

When visiting Rotterdam, it would be a crime to stay anywhere less cool than the city itself. Welcome then, citizenM. Continue reading Sleep: Rotterdam


Sleep: Copenhagen

This time I went to Copenhagen with a companion – but the city was so wonderful that I couldn’t help but share some of the solo tips I picked up along the way as I went. However, when getting to accommodation recommendations, things get tricky. Continue reading Sleep: Copenhagen

Trendy Motel L in Stockholm

Sleep: Stockholm

If the city you’re visiting is a walkable one and has safe and efficient transport links – Stockholm fits the bill perfectly – then don’t be afraid to explore options slightly outside the main hub. And with that, I’d like to introduce you to Motel L. And no, in this case the name doesn’t say it all – far from it in fact. Continue reading Sleep: Stockholm

The spreepromenade near Berliner Dom

Sleep: Berlin

Berlin GRIMM’s Hotel Mitte more than lives up to it’s name – Grimm as in the fairytale that is, not grim as in uninviting. This modern and stylish hotel is the perfect base for solo travellers visiting Berlin, it’s central, clean, inviting and good value – tick, tick, tick, tick. Continue reading Sleep: Berlin

The view from K9 Residence apartments on to Károly Körút in Budapest

Sleep: Budapest

You need very little pocket money to enjoy the Budapest to its fullest –making it an accessible city break for anyone, no matter their budget. However, although cheap hostels are in abundance, as soon as you step into the realm of hotels prices start to skyrocket. Continue reading Sleep: Budapest

The view of Belgrade from 88 Rooms' rooftop breakfast room

Sleep: Belgrade

Getting a hostel room for a mere few euros is easily achieved, however, what if your YOLO days are long gone and you want the whole experience to be a comfortable one – including your bed? Continue reading Sleep: Belgrade

The River Inn at night

Sleep: Innsbruck

What do you do if you are staying for 24 hours or less in Innsbruck and need a place to sleep that won’t cost the earth, but which isn’t a hostel either. Stuck? Well, you needn’t be, because I found the answer during my short stay. Continue reading Sleep: Innsbruck

The view of the Salzach River from the room at Motel One

Sleep: Salzburg

Salzburg has some beautiful places to stay – thanks to its abundance of architectural gems – however, finding one that won’t break the bank for merely a weekend away can be a challenge.
Continue reading Sleep: Salzburg