View from Skeppsholmen island

See: Stockholm

360-degree panoramic views, lush gardens, little islands – Stockholm has everything to offer and more. Let me start you off with my top 5 things to see during your stay, which will undoubtedly leave you wanting more: Continue reading See: Stockholm

Trendy Motel L in Stockholm

Sleep: Stockholm

If the city you’re visiting is a walkable one and has safe and efficient transport links – Stockholm fits the bill perfectly – then don’t be afraid to explore options slightly outside the main hub. And with that, I’d like to introduce you to Motel L. And no, in this case the name doesn’t say it all – far from it in fact. Continue reading Sleep: Stockholm

Eat Stockholm

Eat: Stockholm

When you think a little outside the box it’s easy to enjoy some of Stockholm’s foodie delights without breaking the bank. Continue reading Eat: Stockholm