Cafe Gans am Wasser on Mollsee

#FoodieFriday: Café Gans am Wasser

The latest addition to Westpark may just be the new place to mingle, mix and be. Let this week’s #FoodieFriday fill you in: Continue reading #FoodieFriday: Café Gans am Wasser

Inside White Rabbit's Room, Munich

#FoodieFriday: White Rabbit’s Room

This #FoodieFriday it’s time to make like Alice and go down the rabbit hole. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: White Rabbit’s Room


The Hague: A Quick Guide

Picture-perfect houses, spotless streets, impressive embassy buildings, a buzzing and beautiful beachfront and a growing hipster scene – what’s not to love? Continue reading The Hague: A Quick Guide


#FoodieFriday: PreysingGarten

There are some places that will forever be in people’s hearts no matter how much the local scene alters, and this week’s #FoodieFriday is one of them. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: PreysingGarten

Turkish Manti at Lezizel Manti in Munich

#FoodieFriday: lezizel Manti

What on earth are ‘Türkische Teigtaschen’? Let #FoodieFriday enlighten you with this week’s restaurant in focus: lezizel Manti. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: lezizel Manti

Coastline, Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro: A Quick Guide

It’s time to grab your bag and explore Montenegro now while it’s still one of Europe’s best kept secrets. My Quick Guide is here to start you off: Continue reading Montenegro: A Quick Guide

Picnic Restaurant in Munich

#FoodieFriday: PICNIC

This week’s #FoodieFriday is restaurant/bar Picnic, situated slap bang in the buzzing heart of Munich’s trendy Maxvorstadt. Continue reading #FoodieFriday: PICNIC


Top 10: Reasons To Visit The Netherlands

Aside from partying and smoking weed in Amsterdam, many people are under the impression that the Netherlands is, for the most part, boring. How wrong they are. Continue reading Top 10: Reasons To Visit The Netherlands


Fuerteventura: Yoga & Pilates For All At Azul

What if the idea of a yoga holiday appeals, but one without the single supplement and onslaught of preachy-type ‘yogis’ that all look (and bend) like Gwyneth Paltrow? Thankfully I’ve found the answer – it lies on the Canary Isle of Fuerteventura and goes by the name of Azulfit. Continue reading Fuerteventura: Yoga & Pilates For All At Azul